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Your Audience Has Gone Mobile

Click on image to enlarge Are you maximized for mobile browsers for your email, Facebook, registration pages, donation pages? You can’t put it off any longer. Infographic below shows how mobile browsers have overtaken desktop browsers for email. The full Infographic can be found at: A larger version can be found here: Looking for ways […]

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Six Reasons for Giving

While most people do good in some way – donating to a cause, volunteering, etc. – their motivations aren’t the same. In fact, researchers from Hope Consulting have identified six reasons people in the US support causes. Most donations (about 25%) come from Personal ties (peer-to-peer). If you rank by number of people rather than […]

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Streamline Your Google Analytics

We ran across this brilliant post about what really matters in Google Analytics from the good folks over at Newfangled, specifically Chris Butler. We’re reposting an excerpt from his article, complete with illustrations. Google Analytics can be as complex or simple as you choose, but you should really be asking only: Who is using my […]

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How Social Media Measurement is Like Ordering a Starbucks Coffee

70% of companies admit they are “inadequately” measuring social media. Reasons given for lack of measurement run the gamut from “lack of dedicated resources” to “we didn’t know what to measure.” We’re suggesting that measuring social media is like ordering Starbucks coffee. You can make it as complicated as you want … however, a simpler […]

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Fundraising Coaching Emails Made “Even Easier”

“The average person spends 51 seconds scanning an email.” Note: We got a lot of great feedback from this original post. We also got constructive feedback that many of you are sending out emails in text form…with no picture and no segmentation. As such, the email template in our original post was more than you […]

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Fundraising Coaching Emails Made Easy

“The average person spends 51 seconds scanning an email.” Want to increase your fall event fundraising anywhere from 5% to 10%? The single best thing you can do is send a series of fundraising coaching emails. It’s easier to do than you think. Here’s how. Good Enough Beats Perfect We’re the first to admit that […]

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It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

You still have time to boost your fall event fundraising results with some easy tips that any one of any level still has time to get in place for your fall events. Many of these tips can be done in 30 minutes or less. Here is a check-list of “Quick-Fix” tips you can use in […]

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Best Timing for Facebook Posts

Want more likes and shares of your Facebook content? On our ConnectedNonprofit Facebook page, we found that posting at 2 pm Eastern Time or later gets more engagement of “good content.” We’ve also found that our Facebook fans are visual, so photos, especially humorous photos, tend to get the most engagement. If we’re honest, our […]

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Multi-chapter Social Media Engagement Handbook

Whether you work for a multi-chapter organization or not, you’ll find American Red Cross Social Media Handbook for their chapters is a helpful starter guide for becoming socially engaged. This guide offers tips for: Identifies the basic practices that a socially engaged chapter engages in (handy job description) A flow chart on when to engage […]

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