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How not to look stupid in your emails

Using big words in your email marketing isn’t just dumb. It makes you look stupid. Research out of Princeton reveals that using big “pretentious” words comes across as a sign of low intelligence and low credibility. Using small words comes across as far more credible. It’s also smart email copy writing. People click on what’s clear. […]

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Did social media kill the newsletter?

No. But the game changed. Here’s how. A dozen years ago, we found that newsletters were a brilliant way to “soft ask.” Share some great content, ask for a donation or sale in the content of your newsletter, and BAM! the money rolled in. It *was* brilliant because a newsletter cost very little in production […]

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Genius tool to cure subject-line anxiety

Admit it, you’ve agonized over an email subject line longer than you wanted. This debilitating condition is called subject-line anxiety. And it drives you crazy. Until now. If you just gotta get an email out the door and don’t have time for “creative angst”… I’ve got the tool for you… This free tool analyzes your […]

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One big reason to not be frustrated with Facebook

Are you frustrated with Facebook? Your “Reach” is way down, no-one sees your posts, and the only thing about “Facebook algorithm” you really understand is that you never want to hear the words “Facebook algorithm” again. Still holding out hope Facebook will work for you? Good. There’s at least one way Facebook can work wonders […]

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5 ways to write truly powerful emails

Email copy writing is truly an art, so it’s easy to understand why so many people struggle with it. But don’t let this scare you. Yesterday I shared that the three biggest online marketing challenges clients and reader experience are: It’s a struggle to grow my email list I don’t know what to say to […]

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3 truths about growing your email list

You’ve tried everything you know to grow your email list. So where, exactly, are your thousands of online customers or donors? The truth is, most of us struggle to grow our email list. And even if you have 1,000 or 25,000 email addresses, it’s tough knowing “what to say” in emails. I know. The three […]

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